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We’re seeking gold, silver, platinum, palladium or lithium in the ground or in vaults to provide loans from 5 million USD to 500 million USD in financing. Receiving billions of USD is achievable with multiple rounds of funding.

A standard Canadian NI-43-101, Australian JORK or US SK1300 certified by an approved geologists is required to provide detailed reserve amounts and resource types.

To borrow against or sell vault held gold, silver, platinum, palladium or lithium the principal of the project needs to provide a copy of their custody receipt.

Our network is very interested in the purchasing of Gold (AU) as long as the POP and SKU can be made available.

No upfront fees if the project owner follows our procedures.

We’re offering a lucrative finder’s fee to anyone that brings in a client.

+1 (561) 501-3515

YCL Founder’s quote: “Acquiring and utilizing natural resources is the only way forward.”

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