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If you didn’t get into Bitcoin when it was worth less than a dollar then Pablo Coin is a cryptocurrency based out of California that you should take a look at. Cryptocurrency is another way to provide safe transactions for cannabis related business dealings. YourCannaLife will accept Pablo Coins (BLO). Don’t miss the train 🚆!

LordChain represent one cryptocurrency name PABLO, those behind this project are unknown just like the creators of Bitcoin. They’re apart of a young group living in different locations throughout the state of California.

Last month LordChain provide a very gracious airdrop of 12,500 BLO to all individuals that supported PABLO! These early adopters are individuals that followed and joined PABLO community channel on Telegram & followed them on Twitter. Some of them received a huge amount of BLOcoins for creating videos or blog posts about PABLO.

On February 18, 2018 the ICO for PABLO will start! There will be a presale with 15% bonus to all early bird BLO investors. PABLO is a (ERC20) Ethereum Blockchain Contract. The BLO project will start off at 7,000 BLOs for 1 Ethereum There will be 110,000,000 available for purchasing during the ICO. A POS masternode with a 250,000 million coin supply.

These entrepreneurs are always active and are very easy to get in contact with. YourCannaLife has spoken with them on a few occasions and it has always been a pleasurable experience. They are eager to put BLO in the cryptomarkets and the plan for BLO to become one of the top cryptocurrencies by 2020 is the only way to go. Lets enjoy the battle between ICO’s.

ICO Starts February 18, 2018

250,000,000 BLO is the total token supply

110,000,000 BLO for sale

1 ETH = 7,000 BLO

Pablo Coin #BLO

6,000 Users Whitelisted

5,100 Telegram Members

3,600 Twitter Followers

Website for PABLO (BLO):

Twitter for PABLO (BLO):

YouTube for PABLO (BLO):

Telegram for PABLO (BLO):

YCL Founder’s quote: “The science behind cannabis will disrupt the pharmaceutical industry as a whole.”

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