Florida Rule Would Ban Use Of Telemedicine For Medical Marijuana

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Well today the Florida Board of Medicine proposed an amendment to clarify that physician may not write prescriptions for medical marijuana over the phone.  This is similar to the State of Colorado.  Now this only means two things.  1: A potential patient will have to see a physician in person.  2: Medical marijuana is still being treat as if it is more dangerous that opioids.

Now there is some good to this proposed amendment.  Physicians will have a real life person to person relationship with their patients.  Personally that doesn’t justify how opioids are currently prescribed over the phone or in person but marijuana can only be prescribed in person.  In Florida specifically South Florida there is an opioid epidemic that is currently going on.  The majority of these addicts start off with prescriptions pills then they are eventually cut off. Btw almost all opioids are chemically addictive unlike marijuana. These patients then move onto heroin because it is cheaper, easier & the high is almost similar if not stronger depending on the concentration of the drug at hand.     So the bias is there and individuals are overdosing and dying daily in the State of Florida from this opioid epidemic.  Meanwhile marijuana has still zero (0) confirmed deaths from overdosing in all of its know existence.

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The below article is by Nathaniel M. Lacktman from The national Law Review:

The Florida Board of Medicine issued a proposed amendment, on December 8, 2016, to its telemedicine regulations to clarify that physicians may not order medical cannabis or low-THC cannabis via telemedicine.

The Board’s current telemedicine rules were originally issued in the Spring of 2014. The amendment would add a new Section (5) to the Standards for Telemedicine Practice under 64B8-9.0141, F.A.C. If the proposed amendment is finalized, the regulation would state as follows:

(5) Medical cannabis or low-THC cannabis, as defined by s. 381.986, F.S., may not be ordered by means of telemedicine.

Florida law permits specified physicians to order low-THC cannabis or medical cannabis for patients diagnosed with certain conditions. The proposed telemedicine amendment comes on the heels of Florida voters’ overwhelming approval of Amendment 2, expanding access to medical marijuana in Florida.

While not all states ban telemedicine-based examinations for medical marijuana, the Florida rule mirrors the approach taken by the Colorado Board of Medicine to require in-person examinations prior to recommending medical marijuana.

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