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Drunk driving vs High driving! What do you believe is more dangerous and why? (Btw YourCannaLife doesn’t condone either one.) I found some informative knowledge that I would like to share with my fellow marijuana advocates and curious individuals that would like to learn more about marijuana/cannabis. Moving away from as much negative stereotypes as possible is the way to go. As the masses awaken it will become easier to achieving the goal of every marijuana advocate, legalizing cannabis throughout the United States of America. Join us on our Facebook group. If you have any questions about our marijuana / cannabis consulting services you may take a look at our business branding page.

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Drunk Driving or High Driving: Which is More Dangerous?

Back in November California voted in order to make marijuana legal even for recreational use. The same day two more US states followed California- Massachusetts and Nevada also voted yes which made in total seven states where you can smoke a joint without legal consequences.

The critics of marijuana legalization usually like to point out how availability and liberating law increase drugged impaired driving. If we look at the statistics, it can look like it’s true. In fact, in states like Colorado, driving under the influence of marijuana is allowed with the limit of five nanograms per milliliter of blood. In this state, numbers show an increase in fatal car drivers where drivers who were tested positive for the drug were involved.

At first glance, it does look like the numbers reveal a terrible trend. However, the critics don’t always like to point out that the main substance of cannabis (THC) that is tested for remains in the body for days, weeks and sometimes months after taking it. So your test results can be positive for marijuana even if you haven’t been using it and even if you are not impaired by it.

Still, alcohol is one of the most common causes of fatal car accidents, just after speeding, which means that one third of all car accidents are caused by alcohol. Every day 28 people in the US die in a car accident involving a drunk driver, and back in 2014 over a million people were arrested for drunk driving. The situation is very similar north of the border – Canada is facing a high number of alcohol-impaired drivers responsible for one third of all accidents.

We at the OMQ law firm made this infographic to make a comparison between US laws and Canada’s regulations regarding driving under the influence of marijuana and alcohol. Also, it explains the difference between the offenses like DUI and DWI.

Enjoy yourself, but remember to stay safe while on the road.


drunk driving vs high driving


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