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YourCannaLife has investors within our network.

100 percent funding solution for a multitude of infrastructure related projects with throughout the global. Renewable Energy, Oil, gas, commercial real estate projects, roads, airports and hemp, cannabis and many more projects that are shovel ready. Projects tied to sovereign nation guarantees, most bank guarantees, SBLC, natural resources, rare earth minerals and power purchase agreements (PPA) are highly welcomed.

We work with business ventures that include hemp, cannabis, PPA, renewable energy related projects, large humanitarian projects, construction & infrastructure related business ventures in multiple countries.

Potential clients should only contact us if you meet at least three of the following qualifications; shovel ready, a team with proven experience, able to invest at least 3 percent of the amount you’re seeking, a license to operate, sovereign nation guarantee, bank guarantees, SBLC or PPA has been received, revenue has been achieved, land ownership or lease agreement, equipment ownership, letters of intent / purchase agreements, a business plan and / or a pitch deck. We operate in multiple countries depending on the situation.

We have a following of 26,000 followers and over 20,000 business likes on Facebook. We have access to dozens of businesses that have been vetted by us and have the required qualities to be worthy of your investment.

We aren’t licensed investment brokers. We only connect you to investors and brokers.


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YourCannaLife assists clients throughout the global.

Email: info@yourcannalife.com

Phone/Whatsapp/Telegram: 1-561-501-3515

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