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YourCannaLife has investors within our network.

100 percent funding solution for a multitude of infrastructure related projects with throughout the global. Minerals, Mining, Renewable Energy, Oil, gas, commercial real estate projects, healthcare, technology, cryptocurrency, roads, airports andĀ hemp, cannabis and etc.

Our private network can connect you with international lenders as long as the business venture meets the required qualifications and they’re seeking $5 million USD to over $1 billion USD in funding for a business venture.

In the ground minerals will require a standard Canadian NI-43-101, Australian JORK or US SK1300 certified by an approved geologists to provide detailed reserve amounts and resource types.

To borrow against or sell vault held gold, silver, platinum, palladium or lithium the principal of the project needs to provide a copy of their custody receipt and the POP and SKU can be made available.

No upfront fees forĀ gold, silver, platinum, palladium or lithium in the ground or in vaults if the project owner follows our procedures.

Startups, mergers and acquisitions and etc.All industries.Areas: USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, South America, Asia, Caribbean and Central America.We’re offering a lucrative finder’s fee to anyone that brings in clients.Lets schedule a time to discuss over the phone, conference line or Zoom.Mobile/WhatsApp/Telegram/Signal: +1 (561) 501-3515Email: info@yourcannalife.com

We have a following of 26,000 followers and over 20,000 business likes on Facebook and over 30,000 on LinkedIn. We have access to dozens of businesses that have been vetted by us and have the required qualities to be worthy of your investment.

We aren’t licensed investment brokers. We only connect you to investors and brokers.


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YourCannaLife assists clients throughout the global.

Email: info@yourcannalife.com

Phone/Whatsapp/Telegram: 1-561-501-3515

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